Vines Highly Evolved

"The best band since Nirvana" is apparently Sydney, Australia's the Vines. They've attracted so much attention in the press that the Strokes are actually jealous. On their debut album, Highly Evolved, there are moments close to being genius, but these are very short moments. The opener and self-titled track starts the record off in fine form, the only problem is that after the 90 seconds that the song lasts everything else is downhill from there. The album sways in and out of mellow, drugged out ballads and vigorous Nirvana tributes; "Outtathaway!," "Get Free" and "Ain't No Room" are all revved up with nowhere to go. The only highlights after the superb title track are the sentimental and Beatles-esque "Homesick," the lazy but friendly "Country Yard" and the reggae-inspired children's TV theme song "Factory." Yes, the press hailing these guys as the next big thing are drooling for no reason. Highly Evolved is a mediocre debut album that will have you asking your copy of Is This It to forgive you for ever doubting it. (EMI)