Vince Staples "'06" (extended version)

Vince Staples ''06' (extended version)
Ahead of dropping his new EP, Vince Staples has returned to his Summertime '06 for Adult Swim's ongoing singles series. His contribution to the freebie program is an extended version of that album's "'06."

The dial tone-honking song was offered up as a sneak peek at Staples' future on the LP and was abruptly cut off after a few bars. The newly uploaded freebie single reveals the piece in full, with Staples offering a few salutations ahead of dishing out lines about street runners and taking over the world.

Adult Swim haven't yet rolled out a SoundCloud player for the song, as they have with other singles in the series, but you can stream Staples' fully-realized jam over here.

As previously reported, Staples is also set to unleash his Prima Donna EP by the end of the week. Featuring the likes of A$AP Rocky and production work from James Blake, No I.D. and DJ Dahi, the mini-collection lands August 26.