Victoria's Punk Scene Chronicled in New Documentary

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Sep 23, 2016

The history of Victoria, BC's punk scene is set to be explored in a new documentary. Showcasing classic Vancouver Island-locked acts like Nomeansno, Dayglo Abortions and the Neos, the upcoming film is called Somewhere to Go: Punk Victoria.

A bio for the film, directed by Paulina Ortlieb, explains that the film traces over 30 years of punk history in the BC capital. While the doc features raw, vintage footage, it's noted that the movie "does not simply focus on the past phenomenon of punk in Victoria," but rather waxes on "broader themes of rebellion, culture and community."

A trailer for the film reveals that current Black Mountain member Stephen McBean, who kicked off his music career in the early '80s with teen thrash act Jerk Ward, is one of the many artists who were interviewed for Somewhere to Go. A mix of locals and outsider punks also asked for anecdotes include Nomeansno's Rob and John Wright, Dayglo Abortions' Murray "The Cretin" Acton, Carolyn Mark, D.O.A.'s Joe Keithley, and Ford Pier.

"We were able to step outside the confines of the mainframe to establish and share ideas within an appreciative, like-minded community. This was a sanctuary," Pigment Vehicle's Colin MacRae said in a statement. "The music was the language and common bond that held it all together."

While the film aims to present how Victoria has fostered a "community spirit where like-minded people can collaborate, perform and feel free to be themselves," other themes that could be explored include the infamous obscenity charges brought upon Dayglo Abortions over their Here Today, Guano Tomorrow. The band were cleared from the charges in 1990.

You can see the trailer down below, while the film's launch date is TBA.

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