Victim's Family Apocalicious

Although Ralph Spight (guitar, vocals) and Larry Boothroyd (bass) have released several records together under two different band names (Saturn's Flea Collar, Hellworms) since disbanding Victim's Family in 1995, they've never come close to matching the fiery punk rock intensity and creative improv jazz chaos that made VF such a force to be reckoned with. Now back as Victim's Family, the duo have recaptured the magic that permeated five studio discs prior to the break up. Having said that, though, this is not the same Victim's Family of their landmark 1990 White Bread Blues disc or even the swan song Headache Remedy. This is a more determined, more aggressive and heavier than hell Victim's Family. Part of that can be attributed to the presence of new drummer Dave Gleza (ex of the late, great My Name) who is more of a basher than previous VF drummers, but is equally skilled at stick-handling his way through the complex time signatures and veering rhythm changes that are integral to the band's sound. Apocalicious is as powerful, inventive and intense a punk record as you're likely to hear this year and possibly next as well (Alternative Tentacles)