Vertical Struts The Vertical Struts

Edmonton’s the Vertical Struts are shaping up like one of Canada’s most promising acts. Adventurous, loud, obnoxious, and ultimately amazing, the Vertical Struts attack from all angles, and their first full-length album is as trashed and wild as it gets. Songs like "Stab, Stab, Stab” and "Fun is Not Fun” come roaring out with an unmatched propensity for rollicking rock’n’roll rhythms. Formed by duo Trevor Anderson and R.E. Biesinger in 2001, the Vertical Struts make a solid wall of sound that wouldn’t normally be expected from only two people. Summoning an aesthetic that can only come out of the need to get lost in music, Anderson and Biesinger also combine clap-alongs, yelps and roll-on-the-floor ethos to create an all-out rock’n’roll revolution. Mixing vintage sounds with contemporary edginess, the Vertical Struts present a no-rent sound with no concept of minimalism, a tug-and-shrug kind of style that is not to be missed. (Edge)