Vertical Struts

"Plans for Her/Blues from an Airplane"

BY Liz WorthPublished Aug 1, 2005

This Edmonton band have an endearingly sloppy sound that has them positioned in that strange little grey area that some bands get into that makes them effortlessly good. This ruby red seven-inch offers that warm, furry sound that can only be found on vinyl and acts as the most fitting partner to a band who seem to thrive in lo-fi aesthetics. "Plans for Her” is tinted with the wildness of old garage and bursts of jangly pop. "Blues from an Airplane” veers into bouncy blues trash, and also carries bits and pieces of old garage. There’s something else in the Vertical Struts that’s hard to place, but maybe it’s the excitable uncertainty that seems to be underlying in each note. The brief smashes of percussive noise and wails from a horn also add to the indistinguishable blend of the Vertical Struts.

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