Vennt Vennt

This is a serious album that immediately brings to mind the oddities of the Goblins but delves even deeper into the darkness. Comprised of Sandy Saunders (Torso), Jordan Hines and Darcy Spidle, Vennt lean heavily on dark electronics, disturbing, spaced-out atmospherics and freaked out, tattered vocals. The effect is of hearing a doomsday prophecy come to fruition; Vennt’s sound is all chaos and destruction but also strips everything down in its path, leaving an overall nihilistic backdrop in its wake. This EP plays out like a deep disturbance, flaunting a style that has no fear of unsettling whatever environment it enters. Though this disc might not be for everyone, for those who want to immerse themselves in brazenly slow destructive sound and sprawling edges of auditory madness, Vennt’s drearily appealing debut is one to seek out. (Divorce)