Velvet Acid Christ Between the Eyes Vol. #2

This is the second in a series of compilations set out to map the career of this now-solo project. Between the Eyes Vol. #2 is a trip back to 1994 when the band featured Bryan Erickson, Chris Workman and Grigory Bilham. It represents a time when the group was new, and the tracks on hand are from demo tapes and the Church of Acid album. Erickson, the sole member of the band, has purposefully included 13 tracks, and all are horror-based psychedelic industrial. "Hail to the Dead Souls” captures whispering vocals in menacing ways with basic, yet effective, beats behind it. Moreover, the grand finale entitled "I’m Gonna Wrap Myself in Your Intestines” is a rabid rant supported by industrial synth. At times eerie and at other times psychotic, this is an interesting look at where the group started. VAC’s early influences are quite evident here. "Pain” is a true testament to the group’s influence from the Cure and the Legendary Pink Dots. "Hell Two” seems mostly influenced by Skinny Puppy’s sound. Unfortunately, some tracks possess a poor recording quality. Although a decent album, this will mostly appeal to VAC fans familiar with their work. New listeners may want to try to find a copy of the soon to be out of print Church of Acid instead. (Metropolis)