Velvet Acid Christ Between the Eyes Vol. 1

Over the years, VAC has seen members come and go. These days Bryan Erickson is the only mainstay. Although Between the Eyes Vol. 1 is his project, the album features work that involved Chris Workman as well. Marketed as a singles and b-sides album (from their work between 1996 and 2000), Between the Eyes Vol. 1 feels more like a remix album. Nine of 13 tracks are extended and sometimes brutal mixes of original material. Between the Eyes Vol. 1 is really a display of cool artwork, occasional Star Trek sound bytes, poisonous vocals and the usual VAC beats, but there is not much more to it. This album does feature the "Futile (Nazi Bastard)” mix that was never available in the U.S. And "Murder the World” holds up as a solid track. Still, for people interested in exploring VAC further, this album will just whet your appetite. You’re better off checking out other releases from this era, especially Calling Ov The Dead, which is scheduled to be re-released by Metropolis soon. (Metropolis)