Veda Hille You Do Not Live In This World Alone

Mario Mendoza has the unenviable status of representing the lowest level of mediocrity acceptable. If a baseball player dips below a .200 batting average, the Mendoza line, they should be concerned. Ever heard the sound of "concern"? Timothy Bracy, Mendoza's main lyricist, claims it's there, and I won't no argue the point. Brady's cruel world is looked at through a lens that twinkles with ironic pathos and bittersweet romance. Moving from Athens, GA to New York since the last EP, I Like You When Your Not Around, took away some of the jangle and steel, replacing it with softer and more enticing strum and hum. You can hear Yo La Tengo, St. Johnny and perhaps a younger sister of Kim Gordon. There are five guys and three girls; the girls come with an insecurity complex and leave with bite. The guys are jerks who desperately wish they weren't. A very contemporary pop album with the absolute of a love song, "A Bigger City." (Page)