'Vattnet' (album stream)

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Sep 12, 2017

Much like Code Orange before them, Vattnet's name change (they dropped the "Viskar") signals more than just a superficial moniker modification — this is a reinvention and start of an entirely new chapter of the band.

After moving away from the black aesthetic with 2015's Settler, the band have dropped the blackened sound with their self-titled album, available to experience in full here for the first time.

Ditching the blast beats and shrieks that characterized their first half-decade, the now-trio instead achieve their musical melancholy through expansive, doom-inflected riffs and, somewhat paradoxically, soaring vocals. Perhaps the closest they get to their former sound is on "Sugar," with its opening pounding progression, though you'd be hard-pressed to put them in a box.

The self-titled reinvention of Vattnet is out Friday (September 15) via New Damage, but you can stream it in the player below right now.

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