Vast Aire & Mighty Mi The Best Damn Rap Show

Nice title if you can live up to the claim, and with a former Cannibal Ox on the mic then chances are The Best Damn Rap Show can live up to its claim. The problem is that Vast Aire has never really excelled quite the way he did when he had El-Producto dropping beats for the unique rapper — a combination that made us sort of forget that Vast isn’t really the slickest rhymesayer, but his distinct tone still manages to draw you in. Though this isn’t quite the boast the label might leave you to believe, Mighty Mi’s beats are somewhat similar to El’s in some cases — the electro bleeps that fit well with the slow rolling snares of "What Goes Up” will make you think you’re listening to some Cold Vein b-sides. Not all moments are this high, as unimaginative numbers such as "Fighter Pilots” with Tame One just sound like the gunk you hear on the radio as Vast Aire delivers death threats and claims to own alligators over pit bulls. The Best Damn Rap Show has enough legs to not count Vast Aire out quite yet when it comes to his post-Ox career, but he certainly hasn’t reached "Iron Galaxy” proportions yet. (Eastern Conference)