Various Wallpaper Mach 1.5, Limitless Luxury Collection

Sure, the concept of creating "a specially engineered soundtrack to get dressed to" is a bit cheeky and cheesy, but hey, Wallpaper Magazine certainly has managed to locate a market of folks deeply concerned with matching their wardrobes to their abodes and beyond, so why not? All poking of fun and doubting-Thomasness aside, this is a sweet little compilation of late ’90s jazzy, rich down- and mid-tempo numbers, equally as at home in those trendy little cafés as on your home stereo, yo. Japan’s U.F.O. kick it off with "The Sixth Sense," an under heard tidbit that sounds as if it belongs on either the first Massive Attack or Thievery Corporation albums. Snooze remixes France’s Autour de Lucie for a groovy rendition of "Chanson San Issue," Thievery themselves appear with 1996’s "Scene at the Open Market" and, of course, the K&D massive makes an appearance by way of Dorfmeister’s Tosca and their first hit, "Chocolate Elvis." Add to this a super-chilled Amalgamation of Soundz remix of Doris Days’ "To Ulrike M," Jazzanova’s "Fedime’s Flight," Air’s "Casanova 70" and a healthy dose of Sweet Mother artists and you’ve got a strong collection. Not exactly earth shattering or new, but this is in fact a reissue. Ending with Ryuichi Sakamoto’s still stunning "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" was an inspired choice that proves that good music stands the test of time. (Sweet Mother)