Various Trojan Dub Massive

The Trojan back-catalogue never fails to produce some incredible music from its deep connections with all forms of popular Jamaican music. In the case of Dub Massive, Trojan has handed over the keys to the vault to premier dub-head and all around musical groundbreaker Bill Laswell. Known for his personal enjoyment of all things deep and as a bass player himself, Laswell explores the essence of bass music through Trojan’s vaults and pulls out some well-known and loved gems and gives them a gentle reworking, making some already deep dub tracks deep enough to pay rent in your chest. Chapter One of Dub Massive rolls around with super-heavy cuts from Sly & Robbie, King Tubby, the Upsetters, Prince Jammy and Scientist, while Chapter Two gets more melodic but just as deep with tracks from August Pablo and Horace Andy. Bill Laswell’s touch gives every track a wider scope without being too heavy-handed. More ambient effects and a potent tweak on the bass have helped many of these tracks become fuller experiences. Trojan Dub Massive: Chapters One and Two are an essential addition to any dub collection, not only for just being an outstanding collection of tracks, but for each track becoming that much thicker and more vibrant through Laswell’s production. (Trojan)