Various Tribute To King Diamond

Although King Diamond hasn't done much that could be considered exciting (read: good) in a long while, he does have an impressive back catalogue that anyone looking to pay homage to can pillage. And considering that only two of the 11 covers on tap here were taken from the years following 1994, it seems that the metal community and I are in agreement. As with any comp, the results can be divided three ways: excellent, horrible and inert. The advantage the listener has here is some previous familiarity with the songs and bands in question. So, you know that Usurper doing "Charon" and Ancient doing "Halloween" will probably suck, which they do. The hits come in the form of Aurora's awesome rendition of "Eastmann's Cure," Damnation tackling "Mansion in Darkness," Aggressor's death-y version of "Welcome Home" and Exhumed doing "No Presents For Christmas," complete with metalised Xmas carolling! If you're not a King completist you may want to check this out to hear other bands, with limited vocal ranges, interpreting the King. If not, you at least have to hear the Exhumed track. It's brilliant! (Necropolis)