Various A Tribute To Accept

This is ridiculous; there's no reason for this to exist. Not only does it seem less like a heartfelt tribute than an airing of the Nuclear Blast roster (including the "oh so relevant" sounds of Spiral Tower, Rough Silk, Breaker and Darkseed), but what kind of tribute to the German nancy boys doesn't include "Balls to the Wall‚ (Man)?" I guess it's not "cool" to pay tribute to the band's most popular song? Another thing, since when does a tribute album feature an appearance from he who is being honoured? Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschnider has his new band, U.D.O., doing "XTC." Maybe he didn't write it, but with lyrics this dumb there's no way I'm taking that bet. Not only that, but Udo's brother's band - the laughably horrible Vanize - also sign up. No worries, because they couldn't sound unlike big brother's band even if they tried. There has to be some good on this and I'd be a bitter old coot if I didn't point out Witchery's smoking rendition of "Fast As A Shark" and Disbelief, a band who create gold every time they enter the studio, even if no one notices, makes "Dogs on Leads" sound surprisingly apocalyptic. Other than that, let's just forget this collection and that a band called Custard even exists. (Nuclear Blast)