Various Tribes Of Da Underground Vol. 4

This collection is one of the greatest things since the invention of sliced beats. As the man who compiled it, DJ Michael Rütten is to be applauded; the fact that there is not a weak moment on Tribes...Vol. 4 is thanks to his open ears and discriminating taste. Percussion is a key element from start to finish, with the spoken intro from Fred Everything's "Theme from Tomorrow" summing up the collective approach: "the drum is the most important instrument." The Montrealer turns in a stunningly original take on jazzy house, making it very clear why he's sought after for his production and DJ skills. Guem & Zake's "Le Serpent" is an oft-sampled slice of pure percussion; this 1978 classic is unbelievable both for its construction and effect on people. The compilation's theme and sub-title of "strings 'n' bass & things" is in full effect on beautiful pieces such as Fusion Forum's "Summer Mist" and Rainer Trüby Trio's "Galicia." this compilation is so tasty, every track deserves a mention. Better still, hunt it down and serve it up for yourself. (INFRACom!)