Various Thinkbox Editions 02: Guitar

Only an art collective would devote an entire album to re-conceptualising the sounds of the modern guitar. You may think it’s nerdy, but then again you’re probably content with hearing the traditional "Smoke on the Water” riff for the rest of your life. While certain guitar sounds have established themselves as landmarks in pop culture history, the Thinkbox members completely bypass convention on their second thematic release. And you won’t find any contests for the most piercing feedback or fastest chops amongst the multimedia collective here. Instead, the six members devour organic guitar sounds through electronic delays and computer processing. Each individual contributes tracks with rich tonal structures, but it’s the hidden subtleties found within the vast layers of sound that strengthen this recording. From the rawer textures of Bill Van Loo’s "From Rich Soil” to Steve Roy’s ambient and appropriately titled "Mind Bend,” it’s evident each musician has more to offer than just a different melody. Embracing an overall atmospheric landscape, "Guitar” paves a refreshing new avenue towards a traditional instrument. (Thinkbox)