Various Thankful

Released in celebration of the label’s tenth anniversary and their 100th album release, this is a great compilation from the folks at Temporary Residence. There are exclusive tracks from ten of the label’s strongest acts including the Ladies, Caroline, Mono and Ned Oldham’s folk rock group the Anomoanon. There’s an elegant balance between the genres and the songs complement one another in such a way as to not seem like a compilation, which is perhaps its greatest achievement. Caroline’s track "Wonderlust,” is tempered with clandestine vocals, while "Trapped in the Hobbit” from the Ladies, is a sporadic, drum-driven affair and Eluvium keep things down-tempo and quiet on "Carousel.” Somehow the label was able to capture all aspects of its bands without sacrificing one sound for the other. But for all the equality, the Anomoanon’s "Let’s Rove” stands out, if only for it’s simple country styling. (Temporary Residence)