Various Tektonics

"A meeting of the minds between leading electronic artists and the world's greatest turntablist DJs." Do I want to attend this meeting? What do you get? Long unmemorable tracks punctuated by moments of scratching madness. I'm not dissing the skill behind the scratch DJs, but the tracks produced by the "electronic" artists are lame. The scratches themselves are reduced to novelty on many of the tracks, such as "Check the Skillz"(Freestylers and DJ Z-Trip) and "The Water margin" (Photek and the Scratch Perverts). Many of the tracks are pretty much in the domain of breaks - old hip-hop drum samples and repeated hip-hop catchwords. There are exceptions such as "Big Dog" (Propellerheads and DJ Craze) and "What?" (Cold Fusion and DJ Vin Roc). "Brazilectro"(J-Boogie and DJ Imperial) offers a unique combination of MC303 claps in a samba rhythm, punctuated by down-tempo scratches. "Prime Audio Soup" (Meat Beat Manifesto and the Herbalizer) is the only track that manages to meld in scratching decently, but Herbalizer has been doing that for years. (Om)