Various Take One-Recent Clips

A brand new sub-label of Guidance, Subtitled is dedicated to cinematic sounds not yet paired with existing moving images. Imaginary soundtracks are popular these days; with Barry Adamson long ago perfecting the practise and a whole slew of contemporary contenders, you've gotta be good to stand out from the pack. Take One, particularly after a few listens, does. They lovingly refer to the sounds compiled here as "Dub Noir" and nobody lives up to that more strongly than Torontonian Don Ray, producing as X-Ray. His "Paperback" is creepy-in-a-good-way, with distorted beats, thick bass and prowlin' guitar riffs; "Blue," on the other hand, is rich, heavy, s-l-o-w dub that twists and turns to consistently captivate. The Stic touch down with two excellent contributions, the plodding, repetitive yet highly hypnotic "Levitation Dub" and the heavier, instrumental hip-hop head-nodder of "Settle and Cease." Brace are the real find on the comp, with the duo offering the slinky, funky and super-catchy "Domestic Transfer" and remixing dub-poet Mutabaruka's "Dis Poem" into a textured groover that'll leave fans of Thievery Corporation begging for more. All about the beats, bass and subtleties, these "recent clips" leave me calling "Take Two." (Guidance)