Various Subterranean Hitz Vol. 3

Like any compilation, Wordsound's Subterranean Hitz series has always had its hit-and-miss tracks. Volume 3 is no different. This time around, Subterranean Hitz has opened me up to Bimos, with instrumental "Straight Out The Jungle," and Unipod Particles, with "Down Sout." Artists like Mr Dead, Anti-Pop Constortium's M. Sayyid, Mr Law, Sensational and mastermind Spectre have all been revealed through previous volumes and represent again here with more underground freshness. (Or is it decay?) The highlight of the album comes from Mr Dead, with the dark beats and badass battle lyrics of "That Sounds Personal," his best track yet. Unfortunately, the biggest disappointment comes from the Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh MCs Wid Ghatz and their track "Simple Classic Elegance." That doesn't mean the song was bad - it is in fact one of the better tracks. I was waiting for Subterranean Hitz Vol. 3 for quite some time in the hopes that HGR - who made their debut on Vol. 1 - would contribute another track. They did, but it lacks the focus more recent HGR product has had. One comp worth repeated listens. (Wordsound)