Various The Street Enters The House

The Street Enters The House is an exceptional compilation comprised of 23 Canadian bands of various extreme styles (punk, hardcore, metal, grindcore, power violence, etc.) and is, as is the nature of these types of endeavours, hit or miss. Highlights would include the Blastcaps giving a punk treatment to R.E.M.'s "The One I Love," Legion's metallic sonic obliteration, "Fear To Fall," the industrial-tinged grindcore of Wadge, "Raised on Exhaust," another from the dead and gone Swarm, "Absent From The Morning Headcount" and Warface's punk lament "Through My Veins." Although it seems that almost every other band on this comp has broken up and the sonic quality varies from band to band, sometimes drastically so - another hazard of these types of endeavours - The Street Enters The House successfully hits more often than it misses. (Fans of Bad Productions)