Various Stereo Deluxe Two

While this LP starts off like the procession to a funeral, it ends on a much brighter note. Stereo Deluxe Two is a mix comp of previously unreleased original tracks and remixes. So, when you tell a friend that you’ve never heard anything quite like this before, you’ll actually be making an astutely accurate comment. After the requiem tracks pass, this comp rolls on to a couple of electro-dub tracks by Trio Elétrico and Soul ‘N’ Soda, which on the surface appear completely out of place but they play as nice transition tracks to what follows next, a second set that spans the spectrum from electro-pop to jazz/hip-hop fusion. And then, nestled sublimely at the halfway point is a remix of the Roy Ayers classic "Sunshine” by Loungechic Productions, set to a delightful trip-hop beat. From there on in, this album is funky, rhythmically dynamic and irresistibly ripe with flavour. All in all, Stereo Deluxe Two is a slow and steady tortoise, and we all know how that race ends. (Rooftop)