Various The Sound of Young New York II

Unfortunately we live in a time where the slightest noise in the underground can resonate until it’s a full-blown worldwide fashion statement, sweeping every Wal-Mart and Old Navy in its wake. So what started with DFA, the Rapture and Yeah Yeah Yeahs has blossomed into an inescapable cluster of compilations and faceless bands attempting to cash in and become part of something that is already passé to all but a few isolated boroughs somewhere in Iowa. Many of these faceless, style-over-substance groups can be found on this compilation, the sequel to last year’s equally disposable first volume. Of the big names in disco-punk we’re provided here with previously available tracks from two of the most forgettable: !!! and the Faint. The remaining tracks, from instantly forgettable groups like D’Boldiss, Itchy Revolutions, Elefant and Dead Combo, all blend into one straightforward mix of hand-claps and hi-hats. The one track that approaches being a standout is a mediocre Primal Scream-ish offering from a band called the Voices, but even that is pretty worthless the second time around. Save your money and search out a copy of DFA’s Disco Punk mix for Muzik magazine. You’ll be far more motivated to move your hips. (Plant)