Various The Sound of Moontribe x81: Relentless mixed by DJ Treavor

This is boring. Treavor is uninspiring as a DJ. His track selection is touted as a range of techno, trance, breaks and electro. One would expect a lot from this veritable gumbo of musical styles, but it all ends up as thinly disguised hard trance. The Sounds of Moontribe is an apparently endless and repetitive journey that has no theme. The disc begins with a track sampling a Rishi's Sanskrit yammering - common for trance producers who need to exotify and spiritualise their tracks. The mixes are fine, but then again it's diversity in track selection you have to worry about. Other than the first track, the rest of them follow the same basic pattern. "Throb," with its pounding beat and progressive/tribal house feel, is one track that deviates from the repetitive sound. The moontribe sound is inspired from Trevor's experience in the L.A. desert scene. The desert: barren, arid, boring and scorpions, lots of them. Go get 'em scorpions. (Lunar Cycle)