Various Sky Dancing - Nada Masala Vol.1

Sky Dancing brings together the sounds of eight electronic artists from around the world (Canada, France, Holland, Italy, Japan), working in the ethereal realm of dub-fusion with swirling soundscapes, intricate electronic melody and various rhythms of non-western sensibilities. The tracks are, however, diverse; ranging from the deeply atmospheric to wildly rhythmic. Professor Trance's "Medicine Trance" grooves on a 13-minute build-up of percussion and culminates with Native Indian chanting. Adham Shaikh's Drift ensemble of acoustic and electronic musicians is similarly long, but is a more lively and atmospheric jam incorporating soft voices, guitars and tabla. Takashi Kohgo's "Tsubo Dance" floats at a light, slow-funk tempo with Indian flute lines dancing over its sublime atmospheres. And then on "Tantrika," Mayko plays with subtle techno lines, tabla-samples and chants of the "om shanti" mantra. However, unlike most offerings of goa trance music, his mixing displays a better sense of craft than the usual Hare Krishna-house vibes. (Interchill)