Various Sid Loves Turbo

Who the heck is Sid Lee? Or rather, what the heck is Sid Lee? According to the site they’re a commercial creativity team that rejects boundaries between disciplines, people and geography, and they just simply love the tunes that have been released over the last five years by Montreal label Turbo. Surprisingly, nothing from the label’s founder, Tiga, made the cut. However, this ten-song compilation features goodies from the likes of Chromeo, FPU, Märtini Brös, Zdar, Boys Noize, DIM and Sweetlight. Included is a Sweetlight remix of "Étienne Daho — Le Grand Sommeil,” which stands out from the rest of the tracks with its wickedly funky bass lines and lusciously Français vocals reminiscent of Nicolas Sirkis of Indochine fame. Good for the clubs, this album’s a keeper for the living room as well. (Turbo)