Various The Sick Ones: International Psychobilly Compilation Vol. 1

A comp like this works best as an introduction to a genre. It allows you to jump into the murky, crowded waters of a small independent music community safely and not have to ask stupid questions at record stores or in online forums. There are 25 bands here so it’s going to be a hit or miss affair but it’s more than likely you’ll find something you dig. The only trappings here belong more to the style of music than to the bands. Psychobilly has a very standard formula and bands that stray too far from it aren’t really considered psychobilly anymore. This leads to many of the bands sounding the same but this is pretty much the best of the best for the genre and there are some great artists here (the Creepshow, Robin, Matadors, Gutter Demons). So, if you’re at all interested in getting into psychobilly this is a great place to start. If you already have slicked-back hair you probably own most of these bands’ records anyway. (Flying Saucer)