Various Seireenia

The DC Comics universe is comprised of "parallel universes." These parallel universes would exist simultaneously, and occasionally cross over, but each world would have a somewhat different version of the superhero that co-existed on a different plane. Listening to this compilation, I got the strange feeling that I was suddenly in a parallel universe, where instead of Dead Can Dance, the Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil, there were an alternate versions of the bands. Seireenia contains many of these alternate 4AD bands, going under names like Rajna, Love Is Colder Than Death, Faith and Disease, Rosewater Elizabeth, and La Vuibre. Once one realises that this is a parallel universe, it is easy to be drawn into the siren-like charm of these groups, and sink into the beauty of their recordings. A collection of music focusing on the female voice, much like the Heavenly Voices series released by Hyperium, Seireenia brings together a diverse group of ethereal and dream pop groups that make a good argument for the profound influence of the early 4AD bands. The most original contribution on the compilation comes from Carl Stone, who creates a 15-minute piece based around sample loops of a female vocal. A wonderful glimpse into a parallel universe of heavenly voices. (Projekt)