Various Rising Tide

A compilation of music focusing on the noisy side of things, so plenty of metallic, scraping, distorted, noisy, grating, static-filled, bass-tinged, shrill sounds, and that’s a good thing. And it is varied, a plus for these types of label samplers. The music ranges through industrial, grind metal, punk, hardcore, electro and even slow ambient/noise. The rhythm is a mixture of hip-hop, break beat, drum & bass, gabber, computer pulses, and simple Casio beats. Guitars, drums, vocals, electronics and samples of all kinds abound throughout. Standout tracks include Unitus (a weirder, Godflesh style industrial band whose beats shift from hip-hop to drum & bass), Nocore (ambient meanderings with noise interweaved), DHC Meinhof (female vocals, Adult./Yeah Yeah Yeahs style electro), Contra (space/ambient atmosphere with hyper insane, schizoid beats), Asure (noisy, female distorted electro groove). There is a wide assortment of artists and in return a fun trip for the listener. (Dtrash)