Various Rewind!

As the subtitle says, the tracks on these compilations are "original classics, reworked, remixed, reedited and rewound." That is about the only thing that the track listing has in common, as this makes for the unlikeliest of bedfellows. Pink Floyd, Celia Cruz and the Ohio Players have had their songs reconfigured for the modern dance floor in an experiment that on paper sounds like it will be an absolute dud. But Rewind! succeeds because the new interpretations all share a reverence for the original sources they are drawing upon. The versions of '70s rare groove standards predictably translate well, given their proximity and tenuous links to current trends - the presence of Madlib's Yesterday's New Quintet project, which purposely blurs eras, epitomises this. But the sparkling interpretation of the Strangler's "Golden Brown," by Better Daze, proves it's impossible to muck up a near-perfect song, while Yonderboi dares to position the Doors' "Riders On The Storm" as a chilled-out instrumental, underlining the ambitious and mostly successful approach of the less obvious selections. Predictably there are failures: Shinehead's bizarre cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and Rockers Hi-Fi's sleep-inducing work on the Ella Fitzgerald cover "Sunshine of Your Love" just don't work. But Frank De JoJo's version of Larry Young's rare groove classic "Turn Off The Lights" is seven minutes of pure unadulterated funk that's anchored by one of the dirtiest keyboard riffs you'll ever hear. An auspicious start to what presumably will be an intriguing series. (Ubiquity)