Various Recon O3, Puyam Elaho: Tribal Audio Archive 04

Recon O3 showcases West Coast underground electronica in an eclectic and primarily moody down-tempo compilation. Featuring tracks from Recon’s audio alumni Alchemy, Mazeguider, Noah Pred and Third Eye Tribe, Recon 03 leans towards slow, thick beats and loose breaks, all couched in a psychedelic flavour that, on occasion, turns a little overly melodramatic. Rewardingly eclectic enough though to mirror the unique techno and nature bound West Coast event, Recon 03’s roster of talent would be hard to repeat. Nygustamus’s melodic trance and scratch track "Indigo Violette (Intentional Mix) and the quirky rhythmic electro of Telefunks Soundsystem’s "Crash Landing At GGLSD” are standouts, as is Marlin’s recognisably languid blues-soaked hip-hop number "Slowbreak.” Third Eye Tribe strikes the most upbeat and strongest groove with the house infected "Dugla Woman” and Noah Pred drives things to a tech trance climax in "Bridging It.” Two acoustic tracks close out the CD — the folk flavoured and politically charged spoken word number "Coup D’etat” by Heds Hi and Lyoness’s beautifully understated ballad "Montana’s Song.” (Tribal Harmonix)