Various Quango: Music for a Global Culture

Trip-hoppin' down through the realms of mystical and elemental grooves, across continents and aural limitations comes the latest sampler from Quango. Crazy samples dubbed over smooth global sounds and laced with funk groove and beats converge with a swirl of jazz to form horn-tinged kaleidoscope of sound. With four multi-genre compilation releases due this summer, Quango has picked the cream of them - artists include Jazztronauts Tosca and Akasha, Brazil-influenced clubbers Jazzanova and Mr. Gone, pan-Asian sitar and tabla spinsters Stoppa & Nobby and Black Star Liner, and London soul and dance funksters SK Radicals and Kaidi Tatham. Exhilarating, challenging and provocative, Quango is out to bridge the distance between global sounds with the heavy use of beats, drums and sampler. Primal, sensual, illusory and utterly compelling. (Quango)