Various Pspyched!: The Secret World of Alternative Nuggets

Ever thought about going through the outer fringes of your record collection just to record that one track that sticks out like a bonged-out, headphone-dependent sore thumb? Well, Beggars Banquet have done just that. Noting yet another revival of interest in original psych, and perhaps wishing to dispense with the soulless, “Just Can’t Get Enough” perception of the ’80s, the famed indie label has released this comp of trippy odds and ends from their back catalogue. “Guitar Voodoo,” by Spaceman 3 spin-off act Darkside revisits Syd-era Floyd vibes; the Icicle Works emulate Roger McGuinn on “One Time” and “Young Man’s Stride” reminds us how heavy Mercury Rev used to be. Also included are great psychedelic cuts by Shady, Sundial, Thee Hypnotics, Tones on Tail and numerous other semi-forgotten groups. Despite the chilly production in some places, most tracks strangely sound as if they’d been recorded by one really cool band. One can only conclude that there really was good acid still kicking around in the ’80s and early ’90s. (Beggars Banquet)