Various Planet V

There is an abundance of tracks here from the various members and friends of Reprazent, but only a few manage to meet the standards set on New Forms. Some of the sounds are cool, like the Middle Eastern string melodies on Roni Size's "Strictly Social" or the jangly guitar lines on Die's "Autumn." Suv brings junglised beats into a nice hip-hop tempo on "Closer," and Ray Keith jumps up with high tension jazz-breaks on "Do It." However, when looped over the usual drums that get your head nodding hard, but don't do much to make you think, these and other interesting sounds lose their freshness with repeated listening. For those reasons, Adam F stands out with his bag of "Brand New Funk." The track is like a blaxpoitation theme song for the breakbeat generation, with killer horns, guitars and drums punching the senses with the mentality of a boxer. Unlike the other tracks that get stuck on a loop, F breaks up the groove and drops beatless soundscapes of chilly, street ambience. It's almost like he's changing the scenery, while preserving the suspense. Ed Rush and Optical have a similar car chase vibe on their remix of "Funktion," but it's more futuristic. These two cuts may not be as DJ-friendly as the others, but on disc, they're the most interesting on their own. (V/Ultra)