Various Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millennium

One of the highest grossing tours of this summer was undoubtedly the Ozzfest tour - Ozzy Osborne's travelling road show that has morphed from a pretty decent all-day metal festival to one that, for the most part, features nu-metal bands in a showcase capacity. The festival has in the past helped to break bands such as Slipknot, System Of A Down, Coal Chamber and others of that ilk, and this year was probably the most nu-metal the tour has ever been. This compilation CD, which features a live track from each of the bands involved, mirrors this past summer's tour and works as a good sampler of what you missed if you didn't get to a show. Problem is, you didn't miss too much. Apart from Black Sabbath's reading of their classic "The Wizard," Zakk Wylde's Southern styling on "Super Terrorizer" and Hatebreed's hardcore romp through "Last Breath," there is little here that is really worth mentioning. Even Slipknot's "New Abortion" is lukewarm at best. (Sony)