Various One Year & A Day: The 5 Inch Files

Available as either a free download or as a limited edition box set of five five-inch vinyl records, the One Year & A Day compilation features a collection of ten electronic tracks that run the gamut from slower, jazzy hip-hop though to electro and into drum and bass. Due to time constraints within the smaller vinyl format, each song ends up as a very short piece of music, which means they don’t wear out their welcome, but flipping the vinyl every minute or two between songs can become a pain in the ass. Still, you can work that pain out by grooving to these mostly danceable tracks. Canada’s Vangel starts things off strong with "Wake Up,” a drum & bass wake-up call, while Misanthrop and DJ Scientist, featuring DJ Snatchatec, keep things moving with up-tempo hip-hop offerings "Commercialsim” and "Rewind & Refine,” respectively. From there, the music starts to slow down and mellow out, sometimes working better in the chill out room than on the dance floor. It might be difficult to get your hands on the vinyl but there’s no excuse not to check out the free download found at the label website. (Equinox)