Various One Big Trip

Billed as hip-hop's first one-disc DVD/CD combination, One Big Trip initially seems like an interesting proposition. The film on the disc follows a group of five young people with too much time, drugs and money on their hands trekking around America in the weeks leading up to Y2K, asking spiritual gurus and homeless people the perennially deep question, "What do you think of the millennium?” But it's as aimless as it sounds. On the flipside, the music fares better, but in all honesty it isn't that hard. The roster is an impressive survey of Bay Area hip-hop, with standout contributions from the Lootpack ("Movies 2 Groupies”) and Dilated Peoples ("Downtown”). Other contributors include Jurassic 5, Swollen Members and J-Ro of the Liks, but much of the music comes from Oakland's Hieroglyphics crew. This is good news for fans of Del the Funky Homosapien, as he makes many random appearances, and the idyllic "Soweto,” by the Hieroglyphics themselves, is clearly the highlight here. But it's clear that the material submitted by these groups is not necessarily their best, so unless you feel the absolute need to own this DVD/CD, or are a diehard fan of these groups, there's not much of a reason to purchase this. (Hiero)