Various Nigeria Disco Funk Special ‘The Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79'

Always fresh and funky, Soundways does it again with this slamming compilation, featuring some of the wildest grooves from Nigeria’s disco funk heyday. Dripping in gold and sweat, each track takes you off the couch and into the hotspots, nightclubs and dance floors, from Dakar to Kinshasa. These are the sounds of fresh-faced musicians who came from all across the African continent to Nigeria soaking up the American funk and revamping it to fit the Afro-night life in hopes of making it in the big city of Lagos. And as music became synonymous with fashion, the disco funk imports started pouring into Lagos and creating even funkier Afro-disco grooves. Including rare tracks from the Sahara All-Stars, Joni Haastrup and Askio Rock Group, this compilation keeps you shaking it deep and heavy. And the 16-page booklet with original photographs and album covers helps take you back to a very special time in Nigeria’s funky musical heritage. (Soundway)