Various Never Give In

One of the best tribute albums to emerge in quite sometime, Never Give In is a testimony (and tribute) to the legacy, influence and wide-reaching diversity of seminal punk-hardcore-reggae heroes Bad Brains. Featuring some heavy hitters (Moby, Sepultura, Entombed, Snapcase, etc) Never Give In doesn’t disappoint, the unique (and some not so unique, but still good) interpretations of Bad Brain classics by a number of musically different bands are often as interesting as the songs themselves. Highlights include: Moby’s mellow “Sailin’ On”; Vision of Disorder’s heavier and more viscous version of “Soulcraft”; Boy Sets Fire’s excellent take on “I Against I”; and lastly, Cave In’s trippy version of “I Luv I Jah.” While never surpassing the originals, Never Give In is full of valiant attempts and succeeds where many tributes fail. (Century Media)