Various Movement Soul

Soul. The meaning of that word has often times been obscured, dressed-up, and worst of all, commercialised. Movement Soul is something else entirely. It was recorded in its entirety in 1963 and 1964 in the Deep South, which was a time when the freedom movement was at its zenith, when people craved and demanded freedom and when slavery was being put to its definite end. This is the definitive recording of soul music, the real soul music. The spiritual type. From the ravenous "Go Tell it on the Mountain” to the joyous "This Little Light of Mine,” the anger, the desperation and the determination of the people 40 years ago is felt clearly. These recordings trace a rich history from churches, to protests and finally voter registrations. The anguish that is sung in these choruses is dripping with anger and frustration. I’d never heard a document as powerful, and forthright as this one, where the voices rise up to heavens. Yelling in song has never sounded more beautiful and convincing. Nothing here is pre-packaged or beautified. This is the real deal. This is what exuberance of freedom sounds like. Whoever hasn’t heard Movement Soul would have no clue as to the source of Albert Ayler’s inspiration. Why aren’t you ordering this record yet? Is there anything that I missed that you want me to repeat? Amen! (ESP)