Various Motion 2

I have to confess that I pretty much love almost anything world-beat/electronica/dance label Six Degrees puts out. From club to Casbah, they provide a rich tapestry of global beats, making accessible fusion for electro-heads and more traditional ethnic music lovers alike. A tropical feel permeates Motion 2, which is geared almost purely for the dance floor, with ambient numbers kept to a minimum. While this CD is a varied collection of world dance, the pure club house numbers, such as Dezroks's remix of Monica Ramos' "Para Ungelito" and the Q-Burns and Huggy remix of Hawke's "Party People," gives the collection a bit of cheesy feel, which is a surprising thing to say about a Six Degrees release. Nonetheless, Ron Trent's seriously rhythmic remix of Batido's "Tengo Sed" and Bob Holyroyd's fiesta bound "Drumming Up A Storm" more than make up for it. While Motion 2 is not as interesting or varied a collection as Six Degree's recent Traveler 02 release, if you own the label's whole collection, there is enough diversity and fusion to make it a welcome addition. (Six Degrees)