Various Midnight Express 2

A set of Guidance Recordings releases mixed by Tobias Berblinger, likely one of the reasons why Chicago is on the map as being the home to some of the world's finest house music. Berblinger likes to drop soulful Chicago house tracks liberally dosed with funk, play the tunes all the way through and then beat match them expertly into the next track. Two exceptional tracks are Titus's "Don't Worry About Me" and Brother of Soul's "Music," setting the tone for maximum dance floor friendliness and inspired foot movement. In the last few tracks, rather than build to a crescendo, Berblinger takes the direction deep and dubby with Callisto's "Resistance" and a killer track by A:xus, "When I Fall." Midnight Express 2 is one of the most solid label released house mixes I've heard this year. (Guidance)