Various Love Peace and Poetry: Chilean Psychedelic Music

At the beginning of the '70s, Chile was celebrating the democratic election of their first socialist president, Salvador Allende, who would put Chile on a path towards a complete restructuring of their entire nation. Three years later, Allende would be dead and the C.I.A. backed dictatorship of General Pinochet would begin. Culturally during this period Chile would suffer a great deal, as bands were threatened with jail, torture and/or death, and most master recordings were destroyed by the military. Many of Chile's bands were forced to go underground to perform the incredible psychedelic folk rock that spoke to a nation distressed with the current political climate. Bands such as Embrujo, Los Jaivas, Blops and many others were the vanguards of this musical movement. Now all these bands are featured on another great compilation under the Love Peace and Poetry series, standing as a testament to not only the great musicianship that flourished during this era but also the courage demonstrated by all these great bands. (Normal)