Various La Mujer de Mi Hermano

Hip Latin label Nacional Records is rapidly turning into one of the most influential trend-setters for Latin alternative, hip-hop and electronic music. Their compilation of music inspired by the 2005 Mexican infidelity-drama La Mujer De Mi Hermano (My Brother’s Woman) essentially reads as a label sampler that includes well-known songs from the label’s artists intertwined with smoky jazz numbers and Latin-shtick joke skits like Kemo the Blaxican’s "I Drink She Smokes,” which sounds like the Outkast boys if tequila, not gin, was the preferred beverage. Recently hyped artists the Pinker Tones up the party with "TMCR Grand Finale,” which sounds like a leftover from the Air/Beck 10,000 Hz Legend days, while Pacha delivers dreamy, Saint Etienne-style pop on "Don’t Let Go.” Especially captivating are the delicate acoustic numbers courtesy of Colombian alt-rock darling and lead-Aterciopelado, Andrea Echeverri, and up-and-coming Mexican Sara Valenzuela, both of whom have recently released acclaimed albums. Musically the album visits many genres, but a wonderful selection of songs keeps it from sounding like too many disposable soundtracks. (Wandering Soul/Hazmatic)