Various Killed By Canada

Scrolling through the local music listings of Butthole, Canada, one wouldn’t imagine there to be very much raw, aggressive, untapped and overanxious or even basic talent. Apparently there’s a boatload though, as indie label Fans of Bad Productions have scraped through those hayseed towns and dug up every crumb-sucking, beer-swilling band of note and stuck ’em together on a punker-than-punk compilation highlighted by its own DIY packaging and overall handmade atmosphere. This is impressive not only for its musical girth, but because it’s such a massive undertaking that comes across smelling like punk rock roses. Fifty tracks from virtually every punk/metal/garage band you could think of mentioning across the country means offerings from the likes of Big Trouble In Little China, Fucked Up, Les Hellcats, Brutal Knights, Rammer, Cursed, Murdersquad TO, KEN Mode, Leather Uppers, Pantychrist… the list goes on to the point where anyone in a band should almost feel like a loser if they weren’t asked to join the party. While some tracks are clearly better than others in terms of recording quality, delivery or plain old ability, with this much talent on two pretty discs, one can hardly complain about the odd booger in the bed. (FOBP)