Various Kid Loco DJ-Kicks

Fans of the Parisian producer and DJ will want to track down this super-fine compilation straight away. From the playful plunderphonics of his opening "Don't You Know I'm Loco" through to the closing riffs of his wonderful new "Flyin' on 747," it's clear that the man has thoughtfully piloted the journey that he's invited listeners to experience. His DJ Kicks gives us a peak into what makes Kid Loco tick; the beats, sounds, depth and movement in fact hint at the creations of the down-tempo don, but the overall selection is scattered with surprises. The beautiful jazz piano meets tablas and Hindi vocals of "Om Namah Shivaya," produced by the Bill Wells Octet vs. Future Pilot A.K.A., is a mesmerising mood-setter that moves well into the percussive spy-jazz of the Cinematic Orchestra's "Continuum." It's clear that Kid Loco is a fan of breezy, laid-back instrumentation as well as of beats and more beats, with pioneering British leftfield hip-hop labels such as Cup of Tea, Ninjatune and Ultimate Dilemma well represented by the likes of DJ Vadim, Grantby and Common Ground. Bristol's Underdog squad clock in with two remixes, the sparse moody instrumental of Emperor's New Clothes' "Dark Light" and the stunning reconstruction of Lisa Germano's "Lovesick," where deep 'n dark bass lines meet rock solid beats, guitar feedback and Germano's looped 'n stuttered vocals. Loco's kindred spirit Stereotyp, a Viennese producer from the G-Stone camp, brings the tempo further down with the dubby, lazy and exquisite "Slo Jo," bringing us to Loco's aforementioned album closer. This loping instrumental filled with musical twists and turns almost encapsulates Loco's varied interests — seamlessly blending dubby bass lines, jazzy piano riffs, hip-hop breaks and spot-on scratching. This is a Kid that can rock, roll and groove with the best of 'em. (Studio !K7)