Various Human Element: The World's First Human Beatbox Compilation

Sometimes called hip-hop’s fifth element, the timeless art of beatboxing rarely gets the respect it deserves, in part due to its truly old school status, but namely because so few people perform it with the creativity that would elevate it past the point of novelty act. To that end, the compilers behind Human Element have gathered together some solid examples of the technique’s outer possibilities, from classic hip-hop showcases to those looking to take the art form beyond its usual confines. Old school warriors Jazzy Jay and Stetsasonic’s Wise kick things off, matching traditional vocal acrobatics with actual minimalist cuts and production effects, while B-Shorty drops a deadly arsenal of intricate beats and vocal harmonies on the aptly titled "Category 3: Versatility.” The record’s most unique cut, however, goes to Kris Jung, who rocks out to the fullest, providing a killer stream of drum breaks and fills behind some ’80s metal guitar madness on "Liquid Butterfly,” a cut the shows the true boundlessness of the human beatbox. (108) (108)