Various Hours and Hours: A Tribute to Seaweed

Tribute albums can be complicated beasts. Too often, they’re just obvious — emo bands like Weezer? Metal bands are into Guns N’ Roses? You don’t say! While the recently released tribute to Leatherface was an example of the concept done right, solid records like that are few and far between. Which is what makes Hours and Hours such a pleasant surprise, in that it totally kicks ass. The variety is a testament to Seaweed’s power as a band, as emo wimps and hardcore kids alike have found something to latch onto in the band’s aggressive brand of post-hardcore. On the heavy end of the spectrum, Killwhitneydead’s cover of "Baggage” is most excellent, bringing out the most brutal sonic elements possible. For the wimps, there’s the Company We Keep (Kenny from Moneen and Brian Southall from Receiving End of Sirens) and "Steadfast Shrine,” a fully realised and seriously awesome electronic pop take on a post-hardcore song. Fans of Seaweed, whatever their chosen genres, will be stoked. (Engineer)